Your big day is approaching, things are starting to fall into place, however… you can’t quote decide on a hair and makeup look! You spend hours scrolling through Pinterest but its hard to judge how a look would actually look on you, and if it would suit all the other elements of your wedding.

What sort of wedding are you planning? What kind of style have you gone with? Romantic, beach, forest, boho, vintage, or maybe a traditional chapel wedding? This is a great first step to discovering your dream wedding hair and makeup style!

You wouldn’t usually have a low-key, relaxed and intimate beach wedding, and opt for an extremely dramatic, glamorous and extravagant hair and makeup look. If you would like your wedding theme to be harmonious, you can definitely incorporate your wedding style into your makeup and hairstyling with the help from your professional makeup artist and hairstylist. We want your look to fully reflect your style and personality and will do all we can to bring your vision to life! Below we’ll go over a few of the popular styles for brides to be.

Boho or Beachy Bride
Boho, romantic creations is Sophie’s signature style for her brides. That relaxed, effortless, ethereal, romantic wedding vibe is what makes a Boho Bride. A flower-child at heart, her wedding is full of florals, and whimsical details. Such a unique style that really has no rules – a boho wedding is full of quirkiness and individuality. Boho brides would typically wear a relaxed, flowing wedding gown, flower crown or flowers in the hair and a loose and effortless hairstyle. Think braiding, especially fishtail braids and braided buns or crown braids, messy ‘undone’ style low buns and chignons, voluminous beachy waves. For makeup, you could consider opting for a ‘natural beauty look’ to tie it all in with your boho theme. Glowing, luminous skin that lets your natural beauty shine through, earthy or peachy tones and a berry, nude or coral lip.

Melina Hollway Photography

The Glamour Bride
This bride loves glamour, sparkle, diamonds, flowers and luxury! Really, who can blame her?! Her style is trend-driven, striking and elegant. Whatever her chosen venue is, it will be extravagant and eye catching with beautiful decor. Her gown is likely to be modern and intricate. A glamour bride might find a sleek up style with lots of volume will fit the overall theme of her wedding well. Smooth and polished curls placed into an updo or glamorous waves will really look the part. As for makeup, a bolder look for the bolder bride! You might opt for a red or nude lip, with a smokey eye and a full coverage, contoured base.

Classic Bride
The classic bride is very traditional with her wedding and style in general. Her style is timeless and elegant. She would probably be having a garden or chapel wedding and wear a traditional wedding gown and a veil. She likes diamonds, pearls and lace, and classic hairstyles such as a sleek chignon, smooth curls with a half up style. Anything polished, and unlikely to go out of fashion. Makeup styles to suit the classic bride would be quite simple and exquisite. Neutral browns and earthy tones, with a nude or red lip, with or without winged liner and natural style lashes.

Melina Hollway Photography

The Vintage Bride
A Vintage Bride may take her inspiration from the Gatsby era, or have more of a 1950’s pin up style with red lips and winged liner. This bride adores retro – and has a little quirkiness about her wedding style too. The decor, cars, jewellery, florals and gown will all be vintage inspired. Sleek hollywood style waves will suit the vintage bride perfectly, or a retro wispy up style adorned with a vintage inspired hair piece. Her makeup style may include a bold red or deep purple lip, either winged or a soft smokey liner, and cooler tones for the eyeshadows.

Which ever your style might be, or you might even be a mix of styles – talk to your trusted wedding stylist for advice and assistance when it comes to selecting your perfect look. These styles are just to give you some ideas to kickstart the planning of your special look, if you like the concept of keeping it all in harmony with the theme of your wedding.