It’s such a tough time for our brides at the moment. Many of you have had to postpone your weddings and it’s a heartbreaking thing when you’ve been counting down to this very day and looked forward to it for so long. I really feel for you all!

Have a read of a few positives I thought of for postponing your wedding at this difficult time:

💘 You’ll stress less about the unknown.

This is a big one! Once the decision has been made, a weight will be lifted from you! There will be no more stressing about the unknown leading up to your wedding day.

🥂 You will have more time to save money.

A longer engagement can mean less of a financial strain on your relationship paying for your special day.

🌈 You might now be able to splurge on a couple of things you really wanted for your wedding, but put on the back burner.

Maybe you can now have fresh flowers if you planned fake ones, or a videographer as well as your photographer, a live singer/band or DJ rather than your Spotify playlist. You deserve it after all this!!!

🌺 Spending extra time as an engaged couple.

Often the engagement period of a relationship can be a whirlwind rush due to wedding planning. With a longer engagement you’ll have time to enjoy being an engaged couple, it’s a really special part of your life that will feel like it went by so quickly when you look back 💍

🦋 There’s time for DIY’s

Wanted to do some DIY crafting for your wedding but just couldn’t find the time? Doing a bit of DIY is a beautiful way to personalise your wedding and is a great way to distract yourself during this time!

⚡️ Get your planning on!

Open up the Pinterest account, find lots of ideas and really narrow down what you would love for your day to look like. Now is the perfect time to go over your plans with your vendors – most of us have time on our side now, more than ever before! Please feel free to add “Blush’d Brides” to your Pinterest boards so I can see your hair and makeup ideas!!

Decide that although this was not the original plan, it doesn’t mean it is worse, it just means it is DIFFERENT. Do your best to see the bright side and stay positive! The most important thing about your wedding is the one standing by your side through all of this – your partner. You still have each other & you’re still going to have the most BEAUTIFUL day celebrating your love 🥰