Here are a few things you might want to consider…

The heat 🥵 & humidity – if you’re having a summer wedding you may want to consider wearing your hair up. An upstyle is a much better option than sweating, being hot & uncomfortable for the day. Sweat & humidity will cause your downstyle to drop & frizz.

Your dress 👗 – does your wedding dress feature a beautiful halter neck, pretty neckline or low back that you want to show off? Don’t cover it with hair, consider an upstyle.

How do you usually wear your hair? Are you a mum bun wearer on the daily? 😋 you might feel more special to wear your hair out for something different! 💜

✨ What accessories are you wearing? If you’re having a veil, crown, pins, headband or other hairpiece – how do you envision them in your style? Keep in mind some hair pins may not go into an all down style.