Do you love to have your makeup professionally done for special occasions, but would also like some tips on how you can apply your makeup for everyday wear? You’ve come to the right place because I’m going to share with you the basics of makeup and some cool hacks and inspiration for your looks.

○ First things first – good skincare. Healthy, clear, smooth skin creates the perfect canvas for makeup. Your base is the most important thing to get right. If your skin is not well looked after, it is never going to look flawless with makeup on.

○ You’ll need to know which brushes/tools to invest in. Yes, you need brushes! Throw away those sponge applicators that come with your eyeshadows! You don’t need to splash out on the huge amounts of brushes and beauty sponges you see makeup artists or beauty gurus have. As a starter kit, I would recommend just 5 items to start with.

1. A blending sponge – to apply liquid foundation. These sponges are used damp, and you stipple and pat the foundation on with them rather than rub. (Click each picture for a link to purchase)

2. A powder brush

3. A multi-use cheek brush – a good cheek brush can be used for bronzer, contour, blush and highlight. I recommend an angled brush like this one that is not too dense (a brush that is too dense will apply far too much product for the cheek area – clown blush anyone?!)

4. Eyeshadow blending brush – for beautifully blended eyeshadow.

5. Angled eyebrow brush – for filling in your brows.

○ Now you’ve got your tools sorted you’ll need your basic makeup products.

A liquid foundation that matches your skin type and colour.

Concealer for under the eyes and blemishes.

Pressed powder

A small palette containing a bronzer, blush, highlight

Brow powder, pencil or pomade

Eyeshadow – neutral colours are best for beginners. Think earthy colours, bronze, browns, burgundy


A few different lipsticks

Some hints for using your products to apply an everyday makeup look:

○ Select a foundation to match your skin type. If you have dry skin look for the words luminous, hydrating or dewy when choosing foundation. If your skin is oily, look for a matte or satin finish.

○ When applying concealer under your eyes, use a triangular shape – this is best for highlighting the face and covering your circles while keeping it well blended. You can use your blending sponge to blend your concealer too.

○ Need colour correction? If you can’t seem to cover that pimple, red mark, blueish under eye circles or birthmark – look to the colour wheel for the colour concealer you should use to correct the colouring. For dark under eye circles, they’re often a blue tone. You can use a peach or orange corrector underneath your normal coloured concealer. For red blemishes, green counteracts this.

○ Brows make all the difference! They really do frame your face. Have them professionally shaped and then follow the shape to fill them in each time you do your makeup. Focus on filling the tails of your brows the most, and only lightly fill the front of your brows to create a slight ombre effect, avoiding a blocky look.

○ Do you wonder WHERE to apply bronzer, blush & highlight? So many steps, it can get confusing. Think of your cheekbones as neapolitan icrecream! 😋 First is the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks. You can apply some to your temples and nose too – where the sun would naturally hit. Bronzer is to create a sun kissed look 🌞 Next apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and sweep it upwards, blending with your bronzer. Now for highlighter – highlight the very tops of your cheekbones to create that dewy shine when you turn your face. It adds a little glow, and you can also try a little down the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, above & below your eyebrows (sweep it over your cheeks & above your brows in a C shape).

○ Now for eyeshadow tips! I feel this is one area a lot of people struggle with & want help with. Here is a little guide and some of my best eyeshadow tips.

💥 DON’T FORGET to prime your eyelids first. You can pop some concealer or foundation on your lids to prime them but do not apply eyeshadow to bare lids. Most people have uneven skin tone, veins, freckles etc which no eyeshadow will apply nicely over.

✅ For a simple, neutral eye look – Start with a light brown eyeshadow (1) blended into the crease of your eye & a little above the crease, with your blending brush. This shade should be slightly darker than your skin colour so select your shade accordingly. Next choose a medium brown (2) & sweep this in a V shape in the outer corner of your eye & into the crease (but not blending as high as shade 1.) Then a dark brown (3) to focus just on the outer corner of your eye adding definition. Finally add a SHIMMER colour of your choice (4) to the lid of your eye. Don’t forget to go back in with your blending brush afterwards to blend the shimmer with the mattes so there are no harsh lines. The eyeshadow palette below is the MAC Amber x9.

✅ When blending, use small circular & sweeping motions.

✅ I like to finish off the eyeshadow look with a little highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten & give a youthful & refreshed look!

✅ Make sure you blend some matte eyeshadow on your lower lash line too. This will balance out your eye look.

✅ Once you have these basics down, you can switch up the colours how ever you like – try pinks, berries, burgundy, purple, greys.

✅ To make your shimmer eyeshadow pop more, apply with your finger tips or a damp, flat eyeshadow brush. (spray with a little setting spray)

✅ On the run? You can even use your bronzer or blush as eyeshadow. So many products can be used multiple ways to save time & money. Use your highlighter as your shimmery eyeshadow (and vice versa), your lipstick as a cream blush, eyeshadow can double as brow powder.

✅ Try using some black or dark brown eyeshadow with a small brush applied close to your top lash line as an eyeliner. This is so much more of a softer look than liquid liner and looks great with smokey eyes.

Would you like to hear more makeup tips for beginners? Let me know if you would like to see a Part 2!