Fresh flowers look absolutely gorgeous with almost any wedding hairstyle! An accessory like this for your hair can complete the style and take it to a whole new level! 🌻🌷

Flowing waves worn with a bright coloured flower crown, loosely braided styles with babies breath scattered throughout, or a bridal bun with red and white roses as a feature… Depending on the chosen flowers, colours and arrangement they can have a very different style – from bohemian, to classic, to vintage 🌹 Bright or pastel, or white and greenery. Take a photo to your florist of the style you’re looking for!

Here are some more tips for wearing flowers in your hair –

🌸 Select the flowers you want for your hair wisely. Some will wither quickly, others will last beautifully through the day. Seek your florists help on flowers that will go the distance, but a few to keep in mind include daisies, roses, orchids, babies breath, lavender and freesia’s.
🌸 Keep your flowers in the fridge until the last minute, when your hairstyle is almost complete.
🌸 Ensure that your flowers are secured in place once all hairspraying is finished! 👌 otherwise this may cause your flowers to wither quickly.
🌸 If you’re wearing a colourful or pastel flower crown, show this to your makeup artist to see if you can have your makeup look tie in with it. It’s beautiful to have your lipstick matched to one of the colours in your flowers!
🌸 Have your hairstyle decided (and possibly a hair trial completed) before seeing your florist about hair flowers. Depending on your chosen style you may decide to have a crown, flowers on a comb, or individual flowers for your hairstylist to pin into your hair.
🌸 Individual hair flowers are great as they can be fully customised to your style, more or less can be added in depending on your taste, and it is a lighter more comfortable option to wear if you’re already having a veil and an upstyle (which will have a lot of pins!).
🌸 If you are worried about how resilient your flowers will be, keep a sparkly comb or even silk flowers on hand to swap over before your reception ✨✨